Keeping a Solid Credit Score Throughout the Holidays

With the biggest shopping holiday of the year approaching quickly, more people are turning to their credit cards for those last minute purchases. To make certain you don’t damage your credit score in the process, though, you may want to keep these tips in mind.

First, make certain that you try to spread your purchases out among your credit cards. Maxing out one card is a bad sign to lenders, and it will damage your credit rating. Spend a little on one card and a little on another, and lenders will see that you have plenty of credit available.

Second, if you do end up spending more than you expected during the holidays, the worst thing you can do is panic and close your credit card account. Whether you just set the card aside or destroy it, leave the account open so that lenders can see that you have open accounts in good standing.

Finally, don’t give in and get a store card. The interest rates are never worth it.