Legislation Loophole Allows Customers To Receive Unsolicited Cards

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Federal Truth in Lending Act has provisions that prohibit credit card companies from sending customers cards they don’t sign up for. For one Columbus resident, however, that didn’t seem to apply. Brian Van Voorhis recently opened a piece of mail from Sam’s Club only to find that he’d been sent a Sam’s Club Discover Card with his name on it. Inside was a letter congratulating him for choosing this card over others. Van Voorhis quickly called to complain. He had never requested such a card.

Sam’s Club later told him that an “opt-out” form was included in the mailing, and thus, they managed to skirt the provisions in the Federal Truth in Lending Act. It does not prevent companies from sending you a card as long as there’s an opt-out option in it.

While Van Voorhis’ credit score won’t be impacted by this, it’s clear that card companies are trying to get people to go ahead and spend a bit on a card they never even applied for with this marketing tactic.

Source: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2011/12/01/columbus-unsolicited-credit-cards.html