Medical Thieves Steal Credit Cards – Whether Alive or Dead

Apparently, medical professionals are not getting paid enough – at least, that is the assumption one can make from some recent stories to hit the news.

In one story, a medical technician was arrested in Texas for using the credit card of a deceased man. It seems that assistant police chief Don Armstrong passed away from a heart attack at age 58 while driving down a state highway. He was taken to Baylor Regional Medical Center in Grapevine, Texas where he was pronounced dead.

Not too long afterward, Mr. Armstrong’s widow was hit with an American Express credit card bill that contained charges that were placed on the card after her husband passed away. It seems someone had purchased a computer from Best Buy for $2,400 and a television from Target for $1,500.

Investigators were able to determine that the purchased items were taken to a pawn shop. Then, hospital workers identified one of their own as having made the purchases at Target. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to lose your husband only to be taken advantage of by some credit card thieving scumbag soon afterward.

In Milwaukee, a nursing assistant plead guilty to stealing credit cards from patients when she worked at West Allis Memorial. Rather than swiping the cards from the dead, this assistant took from patients that were otherwise occupied – pregnant women who were in labor. Obviously, these women have a bit more on their minds than worrying about where their purses and credit cards are.

So, while these mothers were planning for a new family, the nursing assistant was planning for ways to get her hands on their money. According to court documents, she used the cards to go on shopping sprees at her local Target – it seems like these stores are quite popular among these jerks. Under the terms of her plea, this thief will only spend up to six months in jail, though the amount of her restitution is yet to be determined.