Mobile Payments Highlight of Future of Money and Technology Summit

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.- Mobile payments become more and more popular every year. According to Juniper Research, the combined market for mobile payments could reach $600 million, which would be double that of just a year ago. At the Future of Money and Technology Summit, many companies presented their latest tech innovations. Three that you will likely hear of soon include, Openbucks, Gopago, and Clover.

Openbucks is a creation of French-born entrepreneur Marc Rochman. It’s perfect for those who do not want a credit card bill later or don’t have a card to begin with. How it works is you simply purchase a prepaid card and when you are ready to purchase something online, you simply enter the code from the back.

Leo Rocco, the pitchman behind Gopago, hopes to revolutionize the way we pay and receive our purchases. He believes Gopago can speed up the process up tremendously. Finally, Clover is billing itself as “the one-tap payment app”. It allows users to send and receive digitized payments to and from other people.