Montana Highway Patrol Cars Get Credit Card Scanning Devices

MISSOULA, Mont.- New upgrades are coming for Montana Highway Patrol cars. These upgrades will enable troopers to collect ticket payments with cash or credit cards. The credit card scanners are just the latest in a series of upgrades in a major overhaul of the fleet. The upgrades will turn the ordinary cars into mobile offices equipped with a computer, printer, and scanner. All of the equipment is then connected to the servers in Helena and synced with justice courts in most counties.

Trooper Philip Smart believes the upgrades make each individual trooper more productive. It makes it possible for troopers to access any information they might need and type up reports and print out whatever they are working on. The system upgrades cost approximately $30,000 per car.

The upgrades help to keep troopers on the streets and out of the office. Anything a trooper used to have to return to his office to do can now be done in his squad car. Missoula County squad cars should have the credit card scanners installed by the end of 2012.