Most Consumers Not Taking Advantage of Popular Extra Credit Card Perks

Most consumers focus on the rewards points and what they can receive with those points when thinking of extra perks on a credit card, but there is a whole world of other perks available to most card holders. In order to receive most of these perks, the consumers must pay for the item with their credit card.

Some of the most popular extra perks include warranty extensions, rental car damage protection, roadside assistance, and travel accident insurance. There are other perks available, but these seem to be the most common. Both Visa and Mastercard offer many of these perks, but to find out for sure if your card has them, contact the number on the back of your card or read your card agreement.

According to a Harris poll, 55% of responders did not know the extra perks were even available on their cards. The survey also found that the most popular perks included insurance for trip cancellations and rental cars.