Orange’s Quick Tap Links Credit and Debit Cards to Mobile Phones

Shopping without a physical credit or debit card is getting a little easier. According to Jason Reese, Director of Mobile Payments and Ticketing for UK company Orange, Quick Tap will make mobile payments much more popular and easier. Quick Tap allows transactions up to £15 by waving the users phone near a reader.

Currently there are more than 15 million contactless cards in circulation. This technology is used at over 70,000 outlets including such places as McDonalds and Subway. In 2013, the technology will also be supported by Tesco and Boots and Co-Op.

In order to use the technology, the consumer must link their Quick Tap account with the Orange system. The account can be loaded with £100 a time and can store up to £150. Because of a new part of Quick Tap called Open Load, any credit or debit cardholder can use the service.

Research by YouGov, shows that 42% of smartphone users are interested in using their phones as a mobile wallet. iPhone users are the most interested, but BlackBerry and Google owners are also interested in the idea.


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  1. There already exist mobile systems and apps that make your smartphones not only calling devices, but also bank-on-the-go. The only problem is security. Are you ready to trust this data to a phone?

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