Robocalls Becoming A More Frequent Part of Life

Everyone has that moment when they sit down to supper and the phone rings. Is it a friend or relative, most likely it’s a robocall. These calls come from companies offering lower interest rates on credit cards or mortgages. Sometimes these are legitimate offers, but mostly they are scams.

Back in 2003, the Do Not Call Registry was created for frustrated consumers who did not want to receive unsolicited phone calls.  The Do Not Call Registry is jointly run by the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. The registry seemed to work great for a few years, but recently the FTC has been receiving many more complaints about calls.

William Maxson, the manager of the FTC’s Do Not Call program, knows why these calls are increasing. According to Maxson, technological advances in the last year and a half have allowed callers to make a much larger volume of calls and fake the caller ID. Since most of these calls are fraudulent, the callers do not worry about the Do Not Call Registry. One of the best solutions for these types of calls is to simply hang up.