San Luis Obispo Parking Meters Now Accepting Credit Cards

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- If you are headed into downtown, you no longer have to take a pocket full of change with you. The city recently installed 400 parking meters in mid-March that accept credit cards. The meters are solar powered and now cost $1.50, up from the previous $1.25. According to the city, in April the meters took in 30% in credit and 70% in cash.

Many residents like the new meters and are glad they no longer have to bring change with them to enjoy downtown. Also, the city states that fewer parking tickets have been issued since the new meters were installed. All the money from the meters goes back into the parking department.

The only problem seen so far with the machines is that they were too high for many users. To combat the complaints, the city lowered each machine about 4 inches. A new problem could be that they do not give out receipts and many credit card users would like to have one.