Security Sorely Lacking for Card Donations on Romney Super PAC Website

Mitt Romney’s Super PAC has raised over $50 million in his push to the presidency; however, the system collecting some of this money is so insecure that it exposes donor’s credit card information to fraud. According to Diana Kelley, an analyst for SecurityCurve, the website should stop accepting donations until the problem is fixed. She also believes that all donors should be notified of the problem. Many security specialists state that the low-tech system is so bad it might violate some laws.

Tom Lee, a computer programmer for Sunlight Foundation, believes that if the developer for the site cannot provide SSL security, then the server storing the credit card information is probably not secure either. He does not think anyone should use the form to donate money.

The Super PAC, named Restore Our Future, has had 533 people and companies make donations as of April 1st. Over 149 contributors have given $100,000 or more and ninety contributors have given $500 or less.