Skimming & Stolen Credit Card Data Now A Booming Business

You should always keep a close eye on your debit and credit cards and check your statement often, but it may be even more important now. Criminals are coming up with more and more sophisticated ways to steal your information, often without you even knowing it.

There are now sites on the Internet where criminals can buy and sell credit and debit card information. However, it is still very important to be watchful for skimmers that are placed on ATMs or other places where credit cards are used. Often times, criminals will make small charges on a stolen credit card to see if it will be noticed. Sometimes they have access to so many credit cards, they can only make one or two purchases with each card and still get away with thousands of dollars of fraudulent purchases.

Be sure you only use secured websites when making purchases online and try to avoid using your debit card online. Also, try to Google your name to see if your credit card numbers have been stolen.