Springfield Police Arrest Three Men for Credit Card Fraud

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.- A routine traffic stopped ended in arrest for three men on Wednesday morning. Bo Zheng, 42, of Brooklyn, NY, Koki Kumagai, 48, and Noboru Urushindani, 48, were all arrested for credit card fraud. During the routine stop, officers spotted open beer bottles in the back seat.

Upon further inspection, numerous credit cards were found bearing the names of the people in the vehicle. A quick check from one of the credit card companies helped to reveal that many of the cards were fraudulent.

According to police, documents found in the car indicated that the men might have been receiving cash advances from numerous Midwest locations. Also found in the vehicle was $20,000 in cash, bank records, and more than two dozen credit cards.

Source: http://www.sj-r.com/breaking/x43406291/Three-arrested-for-credit-card-fraud