Square Credit Card Reader Now Encrypted

If you have an older Square dongle credit card reader, you might be surprised to learn that they lacked the technology to encrypt credit card information. The problem has now been fixed. According to VentureBeat, Square, a mobile payment company, has included circuitry that will encrypt credit card data. This information is turned into audio before being sent to an iOS or Android device and can only be used by the official Square app. Another addition to the new Square dongle is a small battery.

Competitors had been using the lack of encryption to pull customers away from Square. Verifone even set up a webpage describing the problems that could occur with Square’s card reader. It also created an app that showed how simple it could be to steal someone’s information with the reader. PayPal also launched a reader that has hardware encryption. Now that Square’s dongle is encrypted, it should have little to fear from its competition.

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/28/2909699/square-dongle-hardware-encryption

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  1. We started using SQUARE mid Jan 2012 It was like a dream come through . We were one of the first high volume Small business's to use the Square system on our new I pad. Apple 's officers came down to see it in action, Square Called us (after a week of high sales) and gave us a welcome . Then about five days ago the dream became a NIGHTMARE . In the middle of transactions The app sent us error Signs . so easy just give them a call =YOU CAN NOT CALL THEM. So off went dozens of e mails. 2 days latter we get one back Reload the program. Now this Cafe is in the Hart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, Tons of soft /hardware Nurds just about live here.I the Cafe. The Problem is on their end . me and the nerds did everything , Call Apple, Called Verizion, all said it is on there end. The email response from SQUARE Try to load it up on your cell Phone. We have it on three of our cell phones and now all the nerds have it on their phones. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BAD BAD BAD. Yes Now Pay Pal the E bay Wonder Looks real Nice Now. And Yes You can Call Them.

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