State Park Reservation Security System Breach

For those of you that have recently made camping reservations with a state park, you might want to check on your credit card to make sure there has been no fraudulent activity recently.

Apparently, people in a number of states have been affected by a recent security system breach. A company by the name of InfoSpherix is responsible for making camping reservations for at least five states, including Minnesota and Indiana. The company, which is located in Carmel, Indiana, has recently encountered some problems with some untrustworthy employees that used the information they gained from customers while making reservations with them on the phone in order to gain access to account information.

InfoSpherix reported the problem to the affected states on April 11 and claimed they took care of the problem quickly and that the computer reservation system and the computer system in general were not affected. Rather, a number of employees hired by the company in the last month worked together to gather information directly from customers.

If you made a recent state park reservation and are concerned that your account security may have been affected, you should try contacting the vice president of corporate communication, Jeff Lowe.