Two Canadian Men Arrested in Ohio for Installing Card Skimmers

BATH TOWNSHIP, Ohio- Two men were arrested in Bath Township for placing data skimming devices on numerous First Merit ATMs. Thieves use the skimming devices that read your credit card information and send thieves your card information by text message.

Most people are not able to identify a machine that has a skimmer installed. According to Detective Lt. John Janowski, thieves make a new face place and they are form fitting, which makes it virtually impossible to detect. Also, most thieves install a tiny camera so they can record the PINs of card owners.

The two men from Canada are believed to be part of an organized crime ring from Canada. The First Merit Bank contacted police to report the skimmers. Using surveillance footage, police were able to arrest the men after they were seen walking across the Medina Road First Merit parking lot.

The case against Nazim Halil and Abdesselam Kharraz is being completed by the FBI and Secret Service.