What the Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach You About Credit Card Survival

Beverly Blair Harzog from Credit.com wrote an amusing article comparing credit card survival and surviving a world inhabited by zombies. The television series, The Walking Dead, has been a surprise hit. It is about a zombie apocalypse and what the survivors must do to stay alive. Harzog was inspired by the show and gives tips on what the zombie apocalypse can teach us about surviving on credit cards.

Harzog gives five strategies for surviving on credit cards that are also used in show to survive the zombie apocalypse. These include being creative when necessary, staying one step ahead of disaster, and never giving into despair.

Harzog reminds readers that living on credit cards is difficult, but can be done, if necessary. She also reminds readers that there are places they can contact for help if their debt is getting out of control. Both the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and Credibility are mentioned by Harzog as resources for those who need help with their credit card debt.

Source: http://www.credit.com/blog/2012/03/5-credit-card-survival-strategies-i-learned-from-the-walking-dead/