Wife of DC Council Chariman Sued for Unpaid Credit Card Debt

WASHINGTON DC- DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown’s family is having more trouble with credit card debt. Marcia Brown, Chairman Brown’s wife, is being sued by American Express for $15, 647.79. According to court records, Brown’s last credit card bill does not show any recent purchases. Marcia Brown works at a nonprofit and her salary is unknown.

Unfortunately for Kwame Brown, this is not his family’s first problem with unpaid credit card debt. In the 2010 chairman’s race, issues came to light about Brown failing to repay more than $50,000 to three different credit cards companies. Brown stated that his family was living being their means and continued to overspend. One of their larger purchases included a 38-foot powerboat. Brown was sued by a fourth credit card company and settled all four lawsuits. He stated that he and his wife were living on a “very disciplined budget” and court records indicate he has repaid the debts.

Source: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/looselips/2012/05/31/more-credit-card-troubles-for-kwame-browns-family/