2 Brooklyn Men Arrested in Dr. E-Zpass Scheme

NEW YORK – Rana Khandakar and Usawan Saelim, both 27 from Brooklyn, were charged with processing $6 million in bogus credit card charges and other fraud charges. The two had a webpage that sold discounted E-Zpass tags and called it Dr. E-Zpass. The $300 E-ZPass tags sold for $250 and $170 E-ZPass tags sold for $150.According to Manhattan federal prosecutors, E-ZPass lost more than $100,000.

The scam began in July and investigators were able to link 50 stolen American Express cards to 900 fraudulent E-ZPass accounts.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/e-zscam-2-brooklyn-men-busted-internet-based-credit-card-scheme-article-1.1052451

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  1. I have been snagged in this. Ordered the pass but never received. Called the number on the receipt and it was a non working number. Sent emails that were bounced back and now I find this posting on line.

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