Valentine’s Day is about spending as much as it’s about romance. If you want to prove the depths of your love, you’d better be ready to fork over money for flowers, chocolates, dinner and maybe even a singing telegram. Watch out, though. If you’re not careful, the bill for all those heartfelt tokens can burn a hole right through your wallet.

Luckily, credit card companies have decided to offer some sweet deals just in time for V-day. If you decide to pay with plastic for any of the purchases we’re about to mention, you can earn enough rewards points to treat yourself to a little something special as well.


According to MommyPoints, a blog, there are a ton of specials for using your credit card to pay for Valentine’s Day flowers right now. And thanks to the overnight shipping offered by many florists, you still have time to pick up a fancy bouquet for your beau if you haven’t gotten her one yet.

  • Chase. The rewards credit cards in Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Program will earn you 15 points per dollar for purchases made at ProFlowers, KaBloom and 1-800-Flowers. You’ll also get 10 points per dollar for shopping with FTD.
  • Citibank. Citi’s ThankYou rewards program will give cardholders 15 points per dollar for shopping at KaBloom and 10 points per dollar for ProFlowers.

This Valentine’s Day, pay for your flowers with plastic. With so many opportunities to earn rewards points, there’s just no better way to show that your love is in bloom.


What’s a bouquet of roses without an accompanying box of chocolates? The Street has listed several ways that you can get rewarded when you buy some sugar for your sweetheart.

  • Chase. In addition to their flower deals, Chase is giving Ultimate Rewards members seven bonus points per dollar for every purchase made at Godiva Chocolates. If you order through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards website, you can also get $10 off an order of $60 or more.
  • Citibank. Citi is currently offering 5% cash back on Godiva purchases made through its Bonus Center, as well as 6% cash back at Harry & David.
  • Bank of America. Bank of America is giving rewards members seven points per dollar for Ghirardelli purchases made through its WorldPoints Mall.

With candy and flowers in hand, you might think you’ve gotten a good deal with your rewards credit card. However, there’s still an opportunity to save on the piece de resistance…


Ah, the romantic candlelight dinner. It’s the staple of every Valentine’s Day celebration. If you’re strapped for cash this holiday, don’t worry – you can get a full meal for the price of an appetizer thanks to these awesome credit card rewards.

  • Discover. If you sign up for a Discover Open Road card, you’ll receive a $150 gift certificate to any participating affiliate. There’s only one catch: you can’t use it on Valentine’s Day. That could be a major buzzkill for some readers, but if you can talk your special someone into waiting a day for their romantic dinner, you can book a table at the classiest joint in town.
  • Chase. Chase is also offering 12 points per dollar for purchases made at through its Ultimate Rewards Mall.
  • Citibank. Citi cardholders can get 12% cash back for purchases as well as 8% cash back on Zagat Wine purchases – as long as you order them through Citi’s Bonus Center.

With all these rewards bonuses floating around, you’ve got every reason to treat your true love to the Valentine’s Day of her dreams. Buy her flowers and chocolate, take her out to dinner and spend the night in each other’s arms. The next day, you’ll have racked up enough rewards points to do it all over again.

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