Bank Transfer Day Offers New Voice for Customers

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. – Bank Transfer Day may not be an official holiday, but the event has been helping a Battle Creek, MI credit union gain customers anyway.  November 5th was dubbed “Bank Transfer Day” to give unsatisfied customers a way a way to collectively voice their displeasure at bank fee and policies.  OMNI Community Credit Union used this date to launch advertising for its new checking rewards and cash back bonus program.

The campaign is looking like quite a success.  Consumer dissatisfaction with big banks like Bank of America, who recently started charging for debit card use, is at a high point and credit unions are looking like a better choice.  OMNI Credit Union’s “OMNI Pays in Many Ways” campaign is attracting a lot of the transferring customers.

The program “pays” both at sign up and later.  Customers can enter drawing for prizes like free debit card purchases up to $250 per month for year.  It also pays in cash back bonuses and other incentive programs.

The credit union is giving credit to Bank Transfer Day for helping the tide of customers roll into their door.  They feel the surge on November 5th is a direct result of the paring of Bank Transfer Day with the success of its campaign.


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