Banks Improve Military Credit Card Offerings

Our military’s fighting men and women are entitled to certain privileges.  One of these perks is that certain banks offer credit cards specifically to members of military that are designed especially for their needs.  One bank has retooled and improved its military credit card.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is bringing an improved product to those serving in the armed forces.  The bank just unveiled the enhancements to its cards available exclusively to the military.  Some of the new features should prove very useful to these dedicated individuals and their families.

One addition to their card offering is an unlimited cash back reward.  This applies to all purchases.  All JP Morgan & Co.’s military cards come with no annual fees.  They also prove a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week Military Customer Service Team to card holders.

Perhaps the most beneficial new service added to these cards is something our soldiers won’t see.  JP Morgan’s military cards no longer have any foreign transaction fees.  There is little work involved in calculating the exchange, yet most cards charge a fee for doing just that.  For deployed personnel, this feature is certainly one that’s worth having when they are defending our country overseas.


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