Brand New Look for Chase Sapphire Cards

NEW YORK – Visa is working to make their cards a bit more aesthetically pleasing these days, and if you have a Chase Sapphire card, you may be one of the first to see the new redesign. Instead of having the traditional card number on the front of the card with your name and the expiration date, they’re working to help boost the card name, so the front of the card is almost wholly blank except for the name of the bank and the name of the card holder. The account number, security code, and expiration date now all appear on the back of the card.

While Visa has hinted that this might be a more secure card than previous versions, the reality is that it makes almost no difference in card security. Instead, it just makes for a new look that consumers may or may not appreciate. If the redesign catches on, Visa is likely to roll it out with other card types in the next 12 months.


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