Card Security Measures Targeted For Improvement At Sacramento State

On campus at Sacramento State, police are doing everything they can to stop credit card fraud. Both MasterCard and Visa are working with the campus to keep credit card information a bit more private these days.

While the campus hasn’t seen any sharp increase in credit card security breaches, they’re working to keep students and staff safe from having that happen. The last breach occurred in 2008 when the credit card machines on campus were literally feeding information to hackers.

In order to ensure it doesn’t happen again, all CSU campuses have begun passing Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards to make certain it never occurs again. On campus vendors must pass the check associated with the standards with 100% accuracy to take credit cards on campus.

PCI Data Security Standards are part of the test. Created in 1999, the goal was to reduce fraud, and it’s essentially a self-assessment test.


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