Card Use and Overtime Pay Being Reigned in by Mulberry City Manager

MULBERRY, Fla.- New proposals are being implemented to keep tighter controls on Mulberry Florida’s city employee credit card spending and overtime. However, city commissioners have decided not to discipline Manager Frank Satchel. An investigation by The Ledger shows that a city credit card was used by Satchel for personal expenses, this time a cruise that cost $1,440. He did reimburse the city a few weeks later.

The investigation also highlighted the excessive overtime being paid by the city. Some employees were making thousands of dollars a year in overtime.

Some of the new proposals including replacing the city’s Visa cards with purchasing cards, to give greater control over their usage. Secondly, anyone issued a city credit card must receive training before being able to use the card. Finally, all employees must have administrative approval before using the cards to make a purchase. The city commissioners also stated that anyone using a city credit card for personal reasons should be fired.


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