Credit card companies will do almost anything to get you to take a look at their cards, and the design aspect is a big deal for many companies. The hope is that  the credit cards will look so amazing, you’ll absolutely want to pick one up right away. Here are just a few of the most popular.

3D cards have been rather popular, but they’re hard to get because it’s tough to print them in any kind of volume. Cards that glow or are fluorescent are big too, but many people see them as being cheap.

Many consumers want eco-friendly cards, but the materials just aren’t as tough and durable as credit cards need to be. Some consumers see wood cards as the best renewable card, but they can be very brittle.

Thermal cards that change color when you touch them might seem like a cool idea, but most customers just don’t seem to care. Tiny keychain cards, too, have never caught on, like those cards that come in odd shapes and sizes. Likewise, few people have really enjoyed the possibilities with scented cards.


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