Credit Card Skimmers Use Gas Pump To Capture Account Numbers

Prosecutors in Honolulu have just gotten an indictment from the grand jury for three men on charges of identity theft, first-degree accomplice to identity theft and first-degree criminal conspiracy to commit identity theft.

Defendants Akop Tadevosovich Changryan, Araik Davtyan, and Vardan Kagramany are suspected of having opened the panels on several gas pumps, then installing tiny credit card skimming devices that can lift the data from the magnetic stripe of any credit or debit card as a customer puts their card in to pay for gas.

The information is then used in a number of different ways, including making fake credit cards, so the men can either sell the data or use it themselves to make fraudulent purchases on those account. In this case, the men used it to acquire cash at banks around the state of Hawaii.

The new indictment comes after an initial indictment in March that named Changryan and Davtyan with another man who was not named this time around.


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