Getting Bonus Deals From Your Card Issuer During The Holidays

Everyone is looking for a good deal during the holidays.  Between buying the gifts, paying for the feast, financing the flight home and bank rolling the party, we all need a financial break.  Some credit card offer ways to make paying for the holiday fun a little easier.

  • Rewards.  Your card issuer may offer a different or even better set of reward during the holiday shopping season.  Take advantage of extra percentages in cash back bonuses for shopping at certain stores or online retailers.
  • Cashing in.  The holidays might be a good time to try to cash in some of your points, too.  Just be sure you aren’t facing any blackout dates or other impediments during the holiday season.
  • Special invitations.  Your credit card could be your ticket into special sales or discounts.  Some retailers have “friends and family” discount days that only card holders can attend.  Look for invitations in your email inbox or in the mailbox.
  • Store cards.  Branded card may offer even better bonuses or discounts at your favorite stores.  Check the details to be sure the payout is worth acquiring another credit card.

If you’re looking for a few good holiday deals, call you credit card issuer and ask what is available during the holiday season.


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