Holodomor Themed Credit Card Sparks Outrage

Holodomor, or Hunger Plague, is easily one of the most painful memories throughout Ukraine. A massive famine that occurred from 1932 – 1933, killing 3 million Ukrainian citizens. While some have said it was an act of genocide, Moscow has said it was simply a failure in Stalin’s government. Either way, a new credit card that uses images from Holodomor is under fire.

Those behind the credit card project claim only to want to help increase remembrance of the event.  In fact, one percent of each purchase made goes to a charity fund that will help build monuments and memorials across the area.

Critics, however, have suggested that buying anything with a credit card that capitalizes on a time of such horror in history is simply wrong. Critic Viktor Pirozhenko has gone so far as to say that you don’t see Holocaust themed credit cards, and basing one around this horrible incident in history is equally as wrong.

Source: http://rt.com/news/holodomor-famine-credit-card-555/

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