Hotel Employee in Dubai Confesses to Credit Card Data Theft

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A hotel employee confesses during questioning to stealing the credit card information of 75 customers and using the information to make purchases for himself. Police suspected the man after two men from other countries reported that their credit card had been used fraudulently and that both the men had stayed at the same hotel.

According to Major Saeed Al Hajri, head of the electronic crime division at the criminal investigation department in Dubai, the suspect admitted to waiting for the customer to check out of the hotel before he would use the credit card.


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  1. The confession made by this hotel employee must be a huge relief to the hotel management because there is nothing more damaging to a hotels reputation than having customers complaining of credit car discrepancies after making payments at the hotel.. However, this culprit should be made to pay for the money that he swindled from the customers.

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