Illegal Immigrant Arrested in New York for Role in Card Fraud Ring

JERSEY CITY, N.J.- A man recently deported from Mexico was arrested in a New York airport for his role in a credit card fraud ring. Dayron Rendon, 32, entered Mexico illegally and was sought in New Jersey since 2009. U.S. marshals arrested him and he later plead guilty to one count of identity theft.

Rendon was accused of being a part of a credit card fraud ring that stole card information from diners at a Jersey City restaurant and a Newark restaurant. He was charged in 2009 with possession of a forgery device, identity theft, and conspiracy to commit identify theft. The fraud ring involved a waiter who used an electronic skimming device to steal the credit card information of at least 100 patrons.

The information obtained from the skimmer was used to create new credit cards and numerous purchases were then made using the new cards. A search warrant was executed at Rendon’s residence found cards with the stolen account information.


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