Illinois Defendants Convicted for Bank Fraud in Credit Card Scam

PEORIA, Ill. – Amber Clark and Elijah Howard were both sentenced to jail time after a credit card scheme that defrauded banks both throughout the state of Illinois and on a nationwide level.  A third defendant, Anthony Coleman, will face sentencing next month. Howard will be spending 14 months in jail while Clark faces three years for this crime as well as an additional two years for violating the terms of her supervised release after a federal fraud conviction in Texas. All three defendants plead guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

The scheme was a fairly simple one. Clark would send one of the two men into a bank with a fake card. They would tell the employees that they were just visiting and needed assistance getting cash from their credit cards. They had the bank call Clark, who was posing as the card company to get their information.

Police have said they stole between $35,000 and $70,000. Both defendants were ordered to pay $27,300 in restitution.


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