Inspiring Culinary Treat With The Williams-Sonoma Credit Card

Looking for a card that loves being in the kitchen as much as you do? The Williams-Sonoma credit card just came out last week in conjunction with Barclaycard and Visa. It promises to be a real winner for those who love kitchen gadgets. For every dollar spent at Williams-Sonoma, cardholders get three reward points. They also get a reward point for every dollar they spend anywhere they use this card.

Additionally, after the first purchase, cardholders get 2,500 additional points. It can immediately be used to get a $25 gift card or a credit on their statements. There are other benefits to this card too. Cardholders get free standard shipping on all Williams-Sonoma purchases for the first year, and those who are getting married get three points for every single dollar they spend on gifts from their registry.

Other benefits include amenities at luxury hotels, access to the Olympics and World Cup, and even tickets to big wine and food events around the world. The big catch? You have to have an amazing credit score to get this card.


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