Iowa Restaurant Owner Looking for Employees Who Stole Credit Card Information

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa- Eastern Buffet owner William Wong from West Des Moines is adamant about catching two former employees accused of stealing credit card information. According to police, more than 30 victims have come forward about the case. Wong has lost some customers because of the credit card scam and is doing everything he can to help police catch the two involved.

Wong has sent surveillance photos of the former employees, believed to be Chinese nationals, to the Chinese Consulate. He has also contacted immigration officials in California. The scam has caused Wong to change the way he hires employees. He now requires employees to give a valid Social Security number or show a valid passport before being hired. The Social Security numbers and names given by the former employees were fake.

Police do not yet know how many victims there may be of the credit card scam, but thousands of dollars of unauthorized charges have occurred. Most of these charges were for gift cards at Walmart and Target around the state.


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