KKSmarts Mike Seddon Discusses Outlook for Mobile Payments

Web promotion expert, KKSmarts’ Mike Seddon, believes it may be a while before mobile marketing will make customers instantly use their credit cards. According to Seddon, desktop computers are more effective at prompting an immediate purchase than a mobile device.

Mobile devices are in turn more effective at getting people to do things that do not require them to use their credit card. This could be tied to the fact that many people do not feel that using a credit card on a mobile device is very secure. However, because of the large number of people using the devices and a whole generation currently used to using them, it will not be long until mobile devices are the primary way people that people make purchases.

Many businesses are concerned that the rise of mobile marketing will put an end to e-mail marketing. Seddon believes that there is room for both in the market and that e-mail marketing may see a resurgence as people get used to mobile marketing.

Source: http://www.managers.org.uk/news/expert-talks-mobile-marketing-and-credit-cards

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