Louisiana Man Struggles to Keep Business Afloat After Credit Card Fraud

WALKER, La.- According to Chris Walker, it was the biggest mistake of his life. He wass talking about allowing his employee, Richard Runnels, 48, to be in charge of his business and personal finances. Runnels was arrested at his home and taken to the Livingston Parish jail. He faces three counts of theft and unauthorized use of credit cards.

Runnels is accused of using Walker’s business and personal credit cards for his own personal use. Runnels would withdraw money in $500 increments at the ATM. According to Lt. Chris Dufour, Runnels racked up almost $40,000 on three credit cards. It is believed he might have more fraudulent charges on other cards and a further investigation is pending.

Chris Walker stated that his company, CW Custom Cabinets, bounced 21 checks in one month because of the fraud by Runnels. Since he had outstanding bills, equipment at the company was seized last month. Walker is attempting to restart the business, but is unsure whether he can stay open.

Source: http://www.wafb.com/story/18560183/man-uses-company-credit-cards-for-40000-in-personal-use

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