Major Hotels Banding Together To Improve Credit Card Security

Sixteen major hotel groups are now working together to create a framework for the industry to help handle credit card information for their clients. The goal is to both reduce the costs of handling credit cards for hotels while seriously increasing the level of security customers experience.

The effort as a whole is part of Hotel Technology Next Generation, or HTNG, a non-profit trade organization for companies throughout the hospitality industry.

One of the biggest problems involved is that hotel credit card transactions are quite different than many others. During the reservation process alone, data has to move across a number of different companies, all of which have to store it for some time – essentially until the guest leaves and the final bill has been paid. Every one of those companies has a different set of security standards.

At the very heart of the solution is the idea that every provider involved will create a single framework that involves the tokenization of card data.


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