Maryland County Government Credit Card Charges Under Review

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. –  One top watch dog is looking into the spending habits of the Montgomery Count government in Maryland.  The Office of the Inspector General is reviewing complaints about the alleged misuse of “p-cards”, credit cards employees use for small, work-related purchases.  The complaints have been made anonymously.

The complaints allege that the p-cards are being used in violation of county policy.  The cards are meant for small purchases that would normally be paid in cash, not large-scale contacted work.  The complaints go back as far as 2009 when Tom Dagley was the Inspector General.

Dagley’s replacement, Inspector General Edward Blansitt, is heading up the investigation.  This is only one small part of the overall “clean up” he is performing on Montgomery County’s finances.  He has already completed audits of several departments and plans to examine the county’s revenue collection practices, among other things.  He has not publicly stated which department’s p-card use is under review.  He did say that it was within the county government as opposed to the school system or parks department.

Blansitt believes that improving communication between the County Council and other county department is important to relations and finances.  He hopes that by conducting these audits and reviews his office will help all parties function better to improve service to all Montgomery County residents.


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