Montreal Police Arrest Dozens in Massive Credit Card Scheme

MONTREAL, Canada- The Montreal police arrested 46 people and conducted 60 raids in  Montreal and Ontario in connection to a huge fraudulent credit card ring. According to police more than a dozen are still on the lam and more arrests are pending. The accused face 368 charges that range from gangsterism to fraud and identity theft. Police estimate the fraud at $100 million with 22,000 victims. The crime is an international one with accomplices in England, Malaysia, and Australia.

The credit card scheme involved the operation splitting into three groups each with a specific job- leaders, technicians, and runners. Also, some in the group would modify ATM machines with fake PIN pads and tiny cameras. The most popular scheme involved members stealing point of sale PIN machines, modifying them, and then returning them to the businesses where they were stolen.

Police believe that because of the large number of arrests that they have put an end to the operation in Montreal.


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