Nevada Couple Arrested for Murder, Carjacking and Robbery

ELKO COUNTY, Nev. – The Elko County Sheriff’s Department, along with the U.S. Marshall’s Office, apprehended a couple wanted for murder, carjacking, and use of a stolen credit card. Logan Welles McFarland, 24, and Angela Marie Hill, 25, also known as Angela Atwood, are accused of killing an elderly couple in Mt. Pleasant.

A bolo of the carjacked vehicle’s license plate had been released by police hoping it would help in finding the suspects. The police had chased the couple once, but lost them when they turned onto a dirt road near the state’s border. They were arrested in a very rural area of the state.

Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Jim Wilberg states that he does not believe the suspects went to the victim’s home with the intent to kill them. Wilberg believes it was a robbery that turned violent. Items removed from the victim’s home include a rifle, two handguns, and a credit card later used by the suspects.


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