New Credit Card Scam Gets UK Victims to Hand Over Credit Cards

LONDON- The Payments Council in the United Kingdom is warning consumers of a new credit card scam that is affecting many cardholders. The scam tricks people out of their credit card and PIN number with a fraudulent caller claiming to be from the victim’s bank who then tells them that their credit or debit card needs to be collected and replaced by the bank. To reassure the victim, the caller even suggests that they call their bank bacl to ensure that the call is genuine. However, the caller does not hang up and plays a recording of a dial tone, which makes the victim believe that they are really calling their bank.

The caller then asks for the victim’s PIN and sends a courier to pick up the card. To ensure that they can charge a large amount before being caught by the bank, the caller tells the victim that they should disconnect their telephone line. This prevents the bank from contacting the victim about card transactions. If you receive one of these calls, simply hang up. If you are a victim of a credit card scam, be sure to contact your bank and the police.


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