New Type of Telephone Credit Card Scam Emerges

FREEPORT, Ill.- Scammers have developed a new way to get your credit card information. According to Freeport Deputy Police Chief Jeff Davis, a new telephone scam is becoming more rampant, although it has not yet been reported in the Freeport area. Davis stated that it is occurring in the Midwest.

The scam involves the caller claiming to be from Visa or MasterCard’s security and fraud department. The caller goes on to tell the victim that their card has been flagged for an unusual charge and want to verify some information. What the victim does not know is that the caller already has their credit card number and address. The caller is simply trying to get the security code located on the back of the card. The caller asks the victim to verify this number to ensure that the card is in their possession.

Visa and MasterCard have all that information, and will never call you and ask for it. Be sure to contact the police department if you receive any of these types of calls.


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