New York State Workers Charged In Credit Card Scandal

ALBANY, NY – Three people have now been arrested and charged in a case that has many up in arms over the state paying for personal expenses of employees. All three Capital Region state workers were employed by different departments but were recently accused of using their state issued credit cards to pay for personal expenses.

Marrion Arrignton, 42, was employed by the State Department of Health’s Division of Epidemiology. She is accused of using her card to charge $2,839.26 in personal expenses including two rent payments and two months of a rental car. Her card was supposed to be reserved for office supplies and travel arrangements for her co-workers.

Barbara Tyson, 55, was the secretary for the State Department of Health’s Bureau of Pharmacy Policy and Operations. She used her card for $400 in personal expenses, including the rental fee on a storage unit and a few bar tabs at a local pub.

Bridget Noradki, 29, was a developmental aide for the State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities. She used her card for $142 in personal expenses. All three have been charged and released either on their own recognizance or on bail while they await trial.


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