North Carolina City Employees Caught Using City Cards for Personal Use

CHERRYVILLE, NC- When Cherryville, NC city leaders met in October, they discovered suspicious credit card purchases on the city’s account in a preliminary investigation. An independent auditor was then called in to expand the investigation and determine who was involved.

The auditor confirmed that personal charges were found, but that much of the charges had been previously re-paid. Charges totaling $3,600 were found. Since that time, the remaining charges have been repaid and those responsible are no longer employed by the city.

Many Cherryville residents were unhappy with the lack of punishment for the employees. Many suggested that the police should be involved. One resident believes more should be done to prevent this type of behavior from happening again.

When City Manager David Hodgkins was asked for an interview, he replied that city officials consider the matter to closed. A Freedom of Information Act request has been submitted to City Manager Hodgkins asking for the city’s credit card statements for the last year.


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