Olive Garden Waiter in Austin Caught Skimming Customer Credit Cards

AUSTIN, Texas – Police are currently searching for a man who may have stolen credit card information from customers at a local Olive Garden. Dennis Rosado, 40, worked as a waiter at the restaurant, but police suspect he skimmed customer credit cards after he swiped them to pay for their food.

A skimmer is a small device that can store credit card data for download at a later date. The device can read the data stored on the card’s magnetic strip, then that information can be held to make counterfeit cards at a later date.

The investigation began when four different area victims reported fraudulent charges on their cards. Because all four victims still had their cards, it was clear someone had simply stolen the information. The commonality in all of the cases was that the victims had used their cards at the same Olive Garden restaurant. An investigation showed that Rosado, who had been previously convicted of credit card abuse and fraudulent use of identifying information, had waited on all four customers.

Source: http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local/austin/waiter-accused-of-credit-card-skimming

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