Personal Information May Be At Risk At Two Major Banks

If you hold a credit card issued by one of the country’s banking giants, your personal information may be at risk die to a simple flaw in their phone system.  A simple phone call and an old sale receipt or ATM receipt could be enough to give a savvy hacker full access to your account.  Chase and Bank of America account holders are at risk for this scam.

Both Chase and Bank of America have phone systems that verify the caller’s number.  Their caller ID serves as a verification when matched to the phone number on the account.  After matching the caller ID, they usually only ask for the last four digits of the account, which are typically present on any sale receipt or ATM slip along with a name.  A quick peek in the phone book gives them your phone number, too.

Hackers can make the caller ID falsely show a call to be coming from the card holders’ phone, no matter what the actual source of the call.  Once the hacker has gained access, he will have all he needs to get to your outstanding balances, credit limit, payment history and recent charges.


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