President Obama Unsure If His Credit Card Still Works

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – President Obama recently went shopping for his daughters’ Christmas presents at a local Alexandria, Virginia Best Buy store. When President Obama got to the cashier to pay for his purchases, he was unsure if his card would still work. Obama said, “Let’s see if my credit card still works! It will be really embarrassing if it doesn’t go through.” Fortunately, the President had no problem using his credit card.

In a recent video of the incident posted online, Obama is actually seen choosing a Wii game for his daughters. At the cash register, he mentions that he has a credit card and cash too, then he pulls out the card. Once he swipes it, things seem to go fine. You can even see him signing the electronic PIN pad, then the cashier hands him his purchases, and he left the store.

It’s always good to know that even people in high places wonder if their cards will go through when they make purchases.


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