Retailers Continuing To Ramp Up Protection On Credit Card Data

While 2011 brought security breaches of almost every kind, the kinds of compromises that led to the leakage of extensive credit card data hasn’t happened yet.

Attacks on companies like TJX, Heartland Payment Systems, and Hannaford Bros, attacks that led to some very real consequences, have managed to stay out of the headlines recently. For the most part, retailers seem to be better at protecting credit card information than ever before.

One industry official has said that this lack of security issue alone has proven to be a signal that new payment security guidelines seem to be working. There’s even data to back that up. Visa has said 97% of US merchants that process more than 6 million transactions per year have validated compliance with PCI DSS. Among those companies that process between one and six million transactions, there’s a 96% compliance rate.

Organizations appear to be encrypting data, which is good news for anyone using a credit card these days.


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