Skyy Miles with No Restrictions from Dubai First and Visa

Based on a study on the ever changing preferences of the frequent traveler and holiday-savvy customer, Dubai First and Visa have created a new Skyy Miles program. The new program joins together the Skyy Miles Exclusive Visa Infinite card and the Skyy Miles Visa Platinum card. The program is touted as having absolutely no restrictions.

The new program allows users to spend, earn, and redeem Skyy Miles on any airline, fly to any destination and at any time, and via any route. Skyy Miles also allows cardholders to fly family and friends from anywhere in the world.

According to Ibrahim Al Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai First, “The global recession of 2008, has brought about a massive shift in people’s preferences, both in the way they live and spend, and the way they choose to travel.” Al Ansari hopes the new card will change the way cardholders earn and spend their rewards.


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