Taxicab Card Payments To Get Easier For Visually Impaired in New York

NEW YORK –  Paying by credit card in a cab may seem fairly easy, but if you’re visually impaired, it’s no simple task. The software just isn’t easy enough to see. Thanks to a team effort by Lighthouse International and Creative Mobile Technologies, though, that’s about to change.

They’re working on adaptive software that will allow patrons to hear the fare shifting at a number of different intervals during the trip. If they wish to pay by card at the end of the trip, the software will help them do just that. It will even help them select the right tip for the driver. The software is so intuitive, it will help them select the right payment and verify the fare as well.

The software will begin hitting taxis in New York in mid-May, but with 13,000 taxis in the city to properly equip, it will be some time before all of them have the software on board.


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