ADELAIDE, Australia- Two teenage boys used their parents’ credit cards to rack up thousands of dollars worth of charges for online sex sites. The two boys each spent about $20,000. Robert Mittlga, a sex and drug addiction counselor, believes that there is an increasingly large number of young people seeking help for porn addiction.

Mittlga says that he sees children as young as 12 for porn addiction and that even these young children are downloading extreme pornography. Mittlga believes that their young brains are not well developed enough to interpret the images they are seeing with out opening themselves to the risk of psychological harm.

A study by the University of Sydney shows that 43% of regular porn users were first introduced to the images between the ages of 11 and 13. Another study, conducted online, shows that 47% of responders spend between 30 minutes and 3 hours viewing porn daily. Many of these responders also noted that it affected their work performance.


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